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Affiliate Program


About our Affiliate Program's Affiliate Program carries high quality products and name brands at the lowest prices.  We have been in business for over nine (9) years and know the health market very well. 

Our Programs offer the following product lines from 7 unique health stores:

    • air systems
    • kitchen appliances
    • shower filters
    • and many more
    • cell phone protection
    • room and house protection
    • meters
    • and many more
  • Aromatherapy (soon)
    • Synergy Oils
    • Organic Hydrosols
    • Unguents
    • mattress pads
    • health jewelry
    • insoles and body wraps
    • and more
    • edta suppositories
    • acupeds foot pads
    • oral sprays and capsules
    • and more
    • ionizer and alkalizer units
    • shower filters
    • counter and whole house units
    • and more
    • air conditions, purifiers and ionizers
    • room, whole house and commercial units
    • humidifiers and dehumidifiers
    • and more

The Healthstores Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity to generate a new income stream by referring people to our site by placing links on your website. As an affiliate you will be given access to a wide range of banners, buttons and text links that you simply cut and paste into your website. These links contain special code so when a visitor to your website clicks on the link and makes a purchase at our store, you will earn a commissions on that sale. That special code lets us know when a sale came from your referral site. It's easy to sign up as an affiliate and there is no cost to do so.

It's Simple to Get Started

All commissions are paid out once your account has reached $25.00 or more. Commissions are paid at the end of each month. Unlike most affiliate programs you find on the Internet today, you can be confident your commissions are accurately tracked and paid to you in a timely manner. Healthstores also provides affiliates with convenient access to all approved banners, buttons and text links, as well as statistical reports to monitor traffic through your links and commissions earned.

To apply you simply need to read and accept our Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions, then complete the brief online sign up application. Once you have been accepted into our program you can immediately begin installing links in your website and earning commissions - up to 20%


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